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We take a look at their entry, Klondyke's, obscure origins.


Looking Back to Move Forward

Inspired by an intriguing piece of history, Riaan Coetzee and Bronwyn Furno set out to design an industrial lamp reminiscent of the Jablochkoff’s arc lamps, which were used by miners during the time of the Gold Rush Stampede (1897-1899).
In the late 1890’s, an estimated 100 000 prospectors migrated to the Klondike region of Alaska in search of gold and fortune and so followed the first large-scale application of Jablochkoff’s arc lamp.

From Inspiration to Realisation

From Inspiration to Realisation

Drawing inspiration from the equipment used by the Klondike miners in the unrelenting, freezing mountains of the Alaskan terrain, Coetzee and Furno have designed a retro-contemporary spotlight, using wood, PPC cement, and a slow-heating Thomas Edison-inspired bulb.

The Klondyke was an obvious choice as a finalist for last year’s PPC Imaginarium Modern Art & Design Awards. We loved how their design breathed new life into a piece of almost forgotten history while remaining extremely stylish.

Get your own Klondyke

Get your own Klondyke

Since getting recognition for their creation at last year’s Imaginarium awards, the Klondyke has gone into commercial production, so that means you can now buy one for yourself. If you would like to buy your very own Klondyke, you can purchase one online here.

Feeling Inspired?

Feeling Inspired?

Maybe instead of buying a lamp, you’re more interested in designing and building your own. Maybe you’re even ready to enter your own creation into this year’s PPC Imaginarium!
Get inspired, get busy and enter today. Here is some further inspiration to help you along your creative journey:

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