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Through the inventive use of PPC cement, Giulia gives new meaning to childhood memories. We have a look at her design and process.


From Concept to Production

For 2014 Imaginarium finalist, Giulia Odendaal, the popular American doodle Kilroy is intrinsically linked to memories of teenagehood. During class, she would cover her desk in etchings of his face, much to the disapproval of her teachers. Through the use of PPC cement, Giulia has reimagined Kilroy as a desktop organiser. As you can see, the result is magnificent and the piece deserved its place as one of the finalists at the PPC Imaginarium Awards 2014.

The Piece

The Piece

The Kilroy desktop organiser is a quirky, decorative, functional desktop organiser, designed specifically to house all the objects Giulia needs on a daiy basis. The base is made from PPC cement, which not only gives the piece its unique finish, but makes the organiser weighty and sturdy.
Unlike traitional organisers, Giulia’s design has taken into account mobile devices and there is space for both a mobile phone and tablet. There are even two special cavities for lipsticks! The combination of beauty and functionality was one of the factors that captured our attention and led to Giulia being named one of the finalists.The Method

The Method

Giulia designed the entire piece on AutoCAD, rendering the project on Lightwave. The concrete mix was cast in a once-off polystyrene mould. It was then stripped, sanded and sealed. With the copper plate added, the final product is both striking and functional.

A Growing Trend

A Growing Trend

Concrete might seem like an unusual medium from which to make stationery, but designers all over the world are taking to it. Have a look here for some further inspiration. Who knows? You might even be come up with a wonderful idea for your own submission!

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