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How to mix the right amount of cement for your project

The experts at PPC guide us on the correct way to measure and mix cement


When working with cement, it is vital you take into account the different methods of mixing concrete and how to calculate concrete quantities. This will ensure your project lasts a lifetime. In order for your mix to produce the best results, you need to use a power-packed cement, like PPC Cement with extra strength. Because it has extra strength it makes more concrete than other regular general-purpose cements. So you will achieve more for less.

How to choose the right PPC cement for the purpose:

PPC SUREBUILD Cement 42,5 N – This general-purpose cement is for building and civil engineering work. PPCSUREBUILD Cement 42,5 N with extra strength, gives you more concrete than regular 32,5 general-purpose cements.

PPC OPC Cement 52,5 N – This cement is best for use in structural concrete and ready-mix concrete and where high early strength is needed. PPC OPC Cement 52,5 N with extra strength gives more yield than regular cements.

Batching and mixing materials:

When mixing materials, it is important to know the correct ratios that allow for accurate concrete mix estimating. Below is a breakdown of how to batch and mix different materials:

  • 1 bag of cement has a volume of 33 litres.

  • 1 builder’s wheelbarrow has a volume of 65 litres, which is equivalent to two bags of cement.

  • Do not split bags when batching except for small or unimportant work.

  • Use a concrete mixer or hand mix on a dry, clean, non-absorbent surface.

  • When mixing concrete by hand, first mix the cement, sand and water thoroughly and mix in the stone last – this saves a lot of effort.

  • Mix until colour and workability are uniform.

Getting the quantity right:

Estimating concrete quantities can prove challenging and it’s vital to produce the correct mix for your project. Here is a simple table of best practice amounts and guidelines on how to better calculate concrete quantities:




For all concrete work add sufficient water to make a plastic, workable mix. The addition of too much mixing water will cause segregation and weaken the mix.

How to store your cement correctly:

To maintain the quality of your unmixed cement, there are specific guidelines on where and how to store your cement bag:

  • Cement should be stored in a weatherproof shed or container.

  • It should be closely packed, away from doors and windows.
  • It should be packed off the floor, and on plastic.
  • It should be covered with a plastic sheet or tarpaulin.
  • It should be stored so as to ensure "first in - first out" use.

Text and image source: PPC

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