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Take advantage of the malleable nature of concrete by learning how to create a mould for any shape, object and level of detail in this step-by-step guide.


The wonderful thing about concrete is that it can be cast into any shape or form, provided there is a mould for said design. When creating an original casting or even making a casting copy of a piece, having the ability to create your own mould can go a long way when personalising and diversifying your design.

One of the best moulds to use when working with concrete is a silicon mould. The smooth edges of the material ensure that the concrete does not have small creases to latch onto, becoming impossible to remove. The silicon easily gives way, allowing concrete castings to be freed quickly and without too much struggle.

Follow these steps for creating your own silicone mould:

1. Object

Start by creating or finding the object that will be cast. Make sure that it is clean and free of debris. When making a new object or sculpture from scratch, we suggest you use wax, as wax is the easiest to carve into while allowing for the greatest amount of fine detail.


2. Container

Once the object has been decided on, find a plastic vessel that is only slightly bigger than it – no more than two to three centimetres of give on either side.

3. Measure and Mix

Place the object inside the vessel and fill it with water – this will indicate the volume of silicone that you need to mix.

4. Pour and Set

Once the correct amount of silicone has been mixed, fill the container until it covers the object entirely and allow it to set.


5. Open and Remove

Once the silicone has set, carefully remove it from the container. The next step is the trickiest as it involves removing the object from the silicone while leaving an empty cavity to be filled. To do so, make a cross cut at the top of the silicon, big enough for the object to slide out of, and for your concrete to be poured into. Make sure not to damage the actual cavity by cutting into it, or else it may leave imperfections on the casting.

6. Test

Lastly, test the mould by pouring your desired concrete mix into it and making sure to vibrate the mixture in order to remove all air bubbles (unless they are part of your design). Once the concrete has set, carefully remove your casting, polish any rough edges and voila! A work of art is born.

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