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Boral Roofing gets environmentally conscious with anti-pollutant concrete roof tiles.


Los Angeles has been cited, along with areas in China, India and Russia, as one of the most polluted places in the world in terms of air quality, mainly due to fossil fuel emissions from sources such as farm equipment, diesel trucks and traffic. Boral Roofing, one part of the expansive building company Boral, has endeavoured to combat this problem through the production of a pollutant-busting roof tile called The Smog Eating Tile.

The Smog Eating Tile might look like your average concrete roof tile, but it is partly made up of what is known as a photocatalyst, a chemical component that is activated by contact with ultraviolet light. Basically, during daytime, when the photocatalyst is activated, it helps to break down the hazardous compounds within smog into calcium nitrate, an innocuous chemical compound that is easily cleaned away by rain, and which also enables plant growth when put on soil.

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You might say that The Smog Eating Tile is just a gift that keeps on giving. In fact, the amount of pollutants capable of being broken down by just 186 square metres of these tiles is equivalent to the amount produced by a regular car that has been driven 17 500 km in one year.

The simplicity of The Smog Eating Tile is what makes it so amazing. It allows anyone to be environmentally conscious just by living under a roof laid with these tiles. This innovative creation demonstrates concrete’s versatility and ability to be environmentally friendly.

“We incorporated a revolutionary, eco-friendly concrete tile system on the home which literally cleans smog from the air,” explains Robert Pacelli, marketing communications manager for Boral Roofing. “SMOG-EATING Tile is our newest innovation, one for both new homes and re-roofing projects, that we believe will have a lasting and substantial impact on our health, and most importantly ourplanet,” he adds.


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