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Hill Thrill

A concrete hillock brimming with greenery connects EBIL’s offices


The energy-efficient headquarters for Elantas Beck India Ltd(EBIL) feature a raw concrete structure as a base for a lush, tropical garden. The concrete base additionally functions as a central hillock that connects the two EBIL office blocks. The hillock is abundant with tropical greenery and nooks of landscaped spaces for the business’s employees to meander through.

The headquarters was designed and developed by Indian firm CORE Architecture, which has a Pune-based studio. CORE Architects didn’t just prioritise energy efficiency with this project. The team also wanted to ensure that the design’s occupants, the EBIL employees, would be able to easily adapt to the new functions of the space.

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For example, the elevator shaft was moved further away from employees’ work areas, an element aiming to encourage employees to walk the tropical hillock instead, through which they may access all the office’s work spaces. Architect Sunil Kulkarni discusses how the beauty of walking the hillock is a factor as well:

“One of the biggest achievements of this design is how its beauty manipulates the user to walk instead of using the elevator.”

As a structure made of concrete, the hillock creates a microclimate, and reduces the ambient temperature in the building, providing the surrounding vegetation with the moisture it requires. The space also accommodates common areas, a gymnasium and meeting room. A dynamic design, the hillock acts as both a functional space and visual spectacle.

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The bareness of the concrete base allows the foliage to stand out as a brilliant, bright green, allowing the new hillock to bring a fresh liveliness to the space. CORE envisions that as the building ages and the greenery continues to flourish, nature will become the structure. Adjustable wooden screen louvres on the building’s windows control the amount of light that enters the work spaces and additionally veils the private functions of the office.

Although they are vastly different from one another, here concrete and greenery work together successfully to create a workspace optimized for both function and stimulation.


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