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Interior architect, Samuli Naamanka, has devised a patented Graphic ConcreteTM technology which transforms any concrete surface into a canvas for creativity.


At the PPC Imaginarium, we believe that concrete is the inspiration, stimulus and primary medium for revolutionary design thinking and artistry. The innovative work of Helsinki-based design firm Graphic Concrete is a manifest example of that principle.

Semba Centre

Large-scale blank walls tend to be uninspiring. As a way to offer a more aesthetically appealing alternative to concrete surfaces, interior architect Samuli Naamanka devised the patented Graphic ConcreteTM technology, which transforms any concrete surface into a canvas for creativity, distinctive identity and beauty. It also helps to reduce construction costs, by eliminating the need for cladding as a way to make a building’s exterior more appealing.


The Graphic ConcreteTM concept is relatively simple and begins with a design that can be created from scratch, or selected from the company’s range of pre-designed patterns. The design is printed onto a membrane, which is then placed in a mould. Concrete is poured over the membrane and left to set. The next day, the membrane is removed and the concrete element is installed. The surface is then washed with a high-pressure cleaner to reveal the graphic elements. It’s a simple idea that generates startling results.


The Graphic ConcreteTM designs can be abstract shapes, organic curves or natural forms. The process even allows photographs to be transferred to concrete surfaces. Graphic ConcreteTM can also be textured or velvety smooth. Whatever the application, the process offers unlimited opportunities to beautify internal and external walls, worldwide.


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