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US luxury fittings brand Brizo elevates concrete in its new range of limited-edition concrete faucets.


There is no sound quite like that of a waterfall – mighty yet soothing, coarse yet melodious. Water in nature inspired TJ Eads, a designer for US luxury fittings brand Brizo, to develop an indulgent faucet collection entitled Vettis. Since then, the brand has upped the ante, introducing the new limited-edition Vettis Concrete faucet.

"I spend a lot of time outdoors and truly respect the strength and beauty found within nature,” says Eads. “That was the inspiration behind the concrete faucet. The distinctive sound of water flowing, grounded in the strength and beauty of concrete, reminds me of the quiet moments in nature, just before dawn, waiting for the world to wake up."

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The award-winning Brizo is based in Indianapolis (US) and is known for its lavish product portfolio, which includes suites for the bath and kitchen. Concrete faucets take years in the making because each faucet is hand-poured and crafted by expert sculptor Christopher Shannon. The new product uses fibre-reinforced, high-performance concrete and each fitting has a distinct texture, colour and style.

Curing takes around one month per nozzle and the addition of charcoal, gives the Vettis faucet its distinct hue. Only 500 faucets are available and include natural variations making each a unique product.

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Grounded in fashion and design, Brizo places its focus on minds, moods and spaces. While Brizo products may be purchased from bespoke kitchen and bathroom showrooms, Vettis concrete faucets are available by reservation only.

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Image Credit: Nils Ericson & Brizo

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