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Four by four

Brazilian architects bring the outside in, by building a house made up of four concrete towers.


Located in the wealthy neighbourhood of Jardim Paulistano in Brazil, BN House was designed to make the most of the Brazilain climate and features several rooms that can be opened up to the elements.

The client, a developer who has previously commissioned Metro on five other projects, approached the studio to build a house that used as much of the area as possible.

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“He is a frequent client who loves architecture," architect and partner Martin Corullon told Dezeen. "He therefore does these kind of projects as an investment, but also as an opportunity to discuss and support architecture.”

To create a house that brought the outside in, the architects divided it up into four volumes. What this did is that it broke up the visual scale of the building, but it also created more opportunities for adding windows and terraces.

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“The option for the four towers started as a way of dealing with a very complex plot,” explained Corullon. “But it became a very good option to have many natural light sources for such a big programme.”

“We created a lot of facades and progressively opened up the walls on the ground floor as a way of controlling the views, privacy and natural light in a balanced manner, so the ground floor is very open to the garden,” he added.

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Spanning 438-square-metres, the house contains three floors, as well as a basement car park. Living rooms are located on the ground floor, four bedrooms are located on the first floor, and the second floor contains a home office and a guest suite.

At the centre of the house is a cast-concrete staircase, which is framed by glazed corridors that connect the four towers.

Other bespoke details include the handmade cement floor tiles. The architects have since launched these commercially with tile brand Brasil Imperial.

Metro is led by four parters: Martin Corullon, Gustavo Cedroni, Helena Cavalheiro and Marina Ioshii.



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