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Marlies Hoevers is an artist driven by the unexpected beauty in everyday materials. Using her architectural background, Marlies creates unusual artworks with a personal story. Read more to find out about her process, materials and drive.


After completing a Bachelor of Design at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands, Marlies Hoevers went on to begin her career as an interior architect. It was during her time at Merkx+Girod Architects in Amsterdam that she developed a deep fascination for everyday materials – a fascination that would go on to define her work as an artist.

The Big Leap

In 2009, Marlies relocated to Santa Cruz in California and opened her own art studio. It was there that she really began experimenting with materials like cement, concrete, fabric, sawdust and cardboard. Using them both individually and blending them together, Marlies’ curiosity and love for the materials grew – their appearance, their versatility, their emotional effect on people. All these aspects drove her work – work which is now defined by its ability to find the hidden beauty in the ordinary.

The Surprising and Unexpected Beauty of Concrete

When one thinks of concrete, what comes to mind is the smooth, grey finish we are so used to seeing. This isn’t the kind of concrete Marlies is interested in. For her, the medium is at its best when it’s a dark, spotted and cracked. The inconsistencies in texture and colour would be problematic architecturally, but are the features that allow Marlies to best express herself. The addition of delicate materials like sawdust and thread, give Marlies’ work its signature fragility, which she uses to express feelings about her life and choices.

Emotion Stones

In her latest series, ‘Emotion Stones’, Marlies has created two-dimensional sculptures, each of which represents a different personal story. She has extended her pallet to include waterproof ink, which she allows to run free across the concrete slabs. The result, as you can see, is breath-taking.

Fade Away

Fade Away (2013) (Source:

Find a Way

Find a Way (2013) (Source:


Familiar (2013) (Source:

Fade to Black

Fade to Black (2013) (Source:

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