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Inspiration for potential contestants - how you can incorporate concrete into you every day life.


Concrete has come into its own as a versatile material, no longer confined to the familiar applications and bounds of civil engineering or building construction. Increasingly, concrete is being used as a medium for a wide range of creative industrial design. In this post, we offer four ideas that may spark your imagination as you prepare your entry for the Industrial Design category of the PPC Imaginarium Awards.

The coffee maker

It’s not an obvious choice of material to encase your morning caffeine hit, but Lavazza uses concrete as the ideal housing for their sleek, metal coffee maker – the Espresso Solo, by Israeli designer Shmuel Linski. The appeal, Linski explains, was the challenge of combining the contrast of the rough and hard concrete with the fine metal parts.


If you’re keen to build one yourself, home-DIY expert Ben Uyeda has developed a technique using Lego to create a mould for the arch-shaped machine. This is the perfect solution if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as your imagination does. Watch his tutorial here.

The speakers

This design, another from Shmuel Linski, encases speakers in a concrete ‘horn’, forming solid speakers that reflect his desire to reveal the raw aesthetics of concrete as a material. The speakers weigh 70 kg each and, in Linski’s words, “invoke a sense of nirvana for concrete lovers and audiophiles.” It’s interesting to note that the first edition of the PPC Imaginarium Awards was won by a concrete speaker and the second edition of the competition saw a pair of speakers make it the Finalists round.


The volume knob

Speaking of speakers, the guys at DIY Perks developed a process to build a concrete desktop volume-control knob. Using a dual-gang potentiometer, USB and headphone extension cables, plexiglass, LED light, wood and concrete, the knob can bring music into your life wherever you are - click here.

The pool table

Using concrete as a base for a pool table means that you can take the game outside. The idea was conceived by New York-based design company, Concrete Atelier. In their design, the table legs and top are first cast in a fibreglass mould and reinforced for extra durability. Once cured, the table is buffed and polished to a granite-like finish, and completed using MDF and plywood to shape the pockets to the right dimensions, with leather added for a luxury effect.


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