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Fashion Finalist 2016/Lianne Tyler

The idea of transformation is the driving force of my creativity...


The idea of transformation is the driving force of my creativity. Creating the unexpected from conventional materials has always fascinated me.

The competition piqued my curiosity about how I could produce a textile using cement/concrete and possibly, liquid rubber. I was excited to explore the endless frustrations, failures and successes that resolved with the positive result being a beautiful, wearable garment.

I didn't want to apply the concrete directly onto a garment – this has been done both successfully and unsuccessfully countless times – and neither did I want to apply the concrete as an accessory. The challenge was to avoid the gimmicks and carnival, parade-type garments.

I wanted to create a textile that would be pliable enough to work with and wear while still retaining the beauty, colour and texture of cement/concrete as much as possible. I experimented with various forms of casting rubbers and cement/concrete, until I found the right combination.

My vision was to create either a rather dramatic, ethereal gown or an elegant, minimalist garment, both equally with merit and within my purview as a designer. Whilst I have no high-brow motive nor social commentary to impart with this entry, my ultimate aim in garnering people’s attention would be that a successful experiment has resulted in a striking design using an enchanting textile.


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