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Fashion Finalist 2016/Janine Canfield

I want to create fashion that is wearable art...


I want to create fashion that is wearable art, a tapestry that portrays the woman, her journey, strength, beauty and inner calmness, an African Zen goddess. Cement plays a vital part, binding together the elements that I used to bring forth my vision, using mixed media that will become wearable.

My garments and sandals use a combination of canvas, hessian, cotton and texture stencilling with cement and beads and other ephemera. These wearable art pieces are not cumbersome. They show their strength yet versatility.

In a world where many of us are seeking purpose, my creation is my attempt to create visually what so many are currently involved with: the journey within. Although perhaps not a social commentary per se, the inner journey is part of a social collective.

Using cement, water and beads to create concrete is a novel way of interpreting materials and is designed to show strength while remaining visually appealing.

By society's standards I am not considered young, yet inside I am extremely youthful. My own journey within is my inspiration, as is my awareness that there are many on the same journey ¬– women who are soft and gentle yet strong beyond measure, the concrete of our society.

Further inspiration comes from my realisation that strength and beauty lie within, and that the history of our land is rich in culture, strength and diversity. An African Zen goddess.


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