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Designers Samuel Ross and Jobe Burns turn everyday objects into Brutalist-inspired design pieces.


British designers Samuel Ross and Jobe Burns, both multidisciplinary creatives, have created a collection of Brutalist-inspired homeware items that retain a practical function.

The collection, titled Concrete Objects, received international exposure at the beginning of 2017 when nine of the works were exhibited in an installation at Copenhagen Fashion Fair. Ross and Burns are established in the fashion industry, both recognised for their streetwear clothing labels. Ross is the founder of A-COLD-WALL*, a cutting-edge clothing label that blurs the lines between streetwear and haute couture.

PPC Imaginarium

The Concrete Objects collection comprises several display cups and pots in a variety of sizes, two candle holders and a polygon-shaped incense burner with a receptacle for ash included. What makes these objects so eye-catching is the designers’ choice to make the collection entirely of concrete and incorporate Brutalist aesthetics into their design.

Ross elaborates on their design process: “Concrete Objects is a collaborative project between the two of us combining both opinions and preferences through conversations in person, which in turn result [in] products. We’re working through the traditional process of putting pen to paper and taking time to revise designs, releasing when they’re ready… The material choices are a no-brainer with regards to our own personal taste — think Le Corbusier, Charles & Ray, [and] Picasso’s Cubist period, which utilised a lot of neutral earthy tones.”

PPC Imaginarium

Ross and Burns have transposed the Brutalist aesthetic into a significantly smaller form that provides a functional purpose within the domestic space. That concrete forms such a crucial part of their designs, means these objects will endure, remaining usable while paying homage to a renowned architectural movement.


Photography: Hamish Stephenson

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