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Matali Crasset brings concrete into the domestic space


Renowned international designer Matali Crasset has developed a “Concrete Collection” for French company Concrete by LCDA, where she is the resident artistic director. An exploration of the material’s possibilities within the field of furniture design, “Concrete Collection” comprises a table, bookshelf and lamp, each distinct and formed from moulded concrete.

The table is an interesting example of of how wooden textures can be illustrated in concrete. The tabletop is coated with 10 millimetres of high-performance, fibre-reinforced concrete and uses wood grain patterns to create surface interest.

PPC Imaginarium

The lamp is made of ultra-high-performance raw concrete. Thanks to its unusual satellite-like shape, it is a nod to the various concrete ‘acoustic mirrors’ located around Britain, experimental devices used before World War 2 to detect any incoming enemy planes. It’s interesting how sound is referenced in the design of tactile item that enables and improves sight. Three senses in one handsome concrete package.

PPC Imaginarium

Lastly, the bookshelf resembles a spinal column. The analogy here is a “backbone of knowledge”. Though made solely out of concrete, the bookshelf’s fluid, spindly shape lends it a lightweight, floaty appearance, thus departing somewhat from the connection usually made between concrete and heft.

With Concrete Collection, Crasset successfully transfers concrete from the industrial warehouse and construction site to the living area.

Photography: Simon Bouisson


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