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Keep track of these critical, need-to-know dates to help guide you through the judging phase to the final winner’s announcement:


Now that entries for the 2015/2016 round of the PPC Imaginarium have closed, we’re pretty sure you’re keen to know exactly what happens next.

Everyone who submitted a conceptual statement along with their entry registration, will proceed to the next stage of the competition. A preliminary regional judging round took place in September 2015 and due to the high caliber of the entries, it was decided that anyone who had submitted a conceptual statement should also be allowed to submit a physical entry. This means that everyone goes through to the next judging phase.

Everyone, that is, barring the film category entrants, who were invited to take part in a closed pitching session to see which films would receive funding from the PPC Imaginarium to support their production.


Remember, if you registered for the competition but failed to submit a conceptual statement by the cut-off date, then you are unfortunately unable to proceed further. If you haven’t received an email from us confirming that your entry is going ahead, but you did submit a conceptual statement, then please let us know by emailing

And here’s where the real fun starts…You should now be focused on the physical production and prototying of your concept because you’ll need to submit your actual artwork or product to the competition. The production phase of the competition runs until 13 January 2016.

Regional physical submissions take place from 14 to15 January 2016. You’ll be informed of the drop-off point in your area/region, closer to the time. Look out for an email, sms or newsletter from us. Please remember to check your spam filter, just in case our emails get misdirected.

Regional judging takes place from 18-26 January 2016. Finalists in each category will be chosen based on the strength of their physical submissions. So put as much effort as you can into your pieces!

These finalists will then be judged in the third and final phase at a national level. National judging will take place from 1-4 February 2016. The winners in each competition category will be announced on Thursday 4 February 2016. The overall competition winner announcement will take place at the University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park on Thursday, 31 March 2016.

So here are those critical dates again:

Until 13 January 2016: production phase

14-15 January 2016: physical submission

18-26 January: regional judging & finalists chosen

1-4 February 2016: national judging of finalists to select category winners

4 February 2016: category winners announced

31 March 2016: overall winner announced

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