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Concrete Wearables

From sleek clutch bags to chic tailored dresses all manufactured from a mix of concrete and conventional fashion materials, this is Ivanka.


Ivanka is a world-renowned design house focusing predominantly on unusual uses of concrete. The Budapest-based studio, founded in 2003, is constantly pushing the boundaries of concrete’s conventional place in our world.

Ivanka is well known for a range of interior design products, such as tiles, staircases and loudspeakers, all fashioned from concrete. It is most famous for its Flaster collection - a set of unique wall panels.

Ivanka’s co-founders Katalin and Andras Ivanka made their fashion line debut at Paris Fashion Week 2012 with a ‘ready-to-wear’ concrete range of clothing and accessories. They spent two years developing their initial idea and collaborated with fashion designers in the process.

This first collection, aptly entitled Concrete Genezis, was developed through a textile innovation that utilises concrete in the construction of the fabric itself.

“Our goal is to illustrate the delicate contrasts and cross gender phenomena through different shapes and materials - playing with contrasts of hard concrete and soft fabric,” says Katalin Ivanka.

The Ivanka fashion collection clearly shows an architectural influence in the designs. There are sharp corners and an industrial look in almost all the items. The colour schemes range from grey to brown and natural tones are kept to highlight the industrial feel of the garments. This, in itself, is a new way of looking at concrete in fashion.

Since its fashion debut, IVANKA has also presented “The Water of Life” at the Milan Fair in 2014. This revolutionary project was developed to collect rainfall and turn it into high quality drinking water by filtering it through a special bio-concrete system that they developed themselves. According to the duo’s website DRINK RAIN, Ivanka hopes to introduce the product commercially in 2017. They have also produced a short video on the project, which can be viewed here: VIDEO.




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