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Concrete Studio Box

Step inside this Thai artist’s minimalist design studio.


On a busy street in Bangkok, Thailand, lies an unusual looking concrete studio and gallery designed by Architectural Studio of Workaholic (ASWA) for an artist who values privacy and simplicity. Inside this concrete box the bare concrete walls have been turned into a kind of living canvas, where sunlight becomes the main attraction, framed and displayed by the surrounding windows.

Concrete box studio


In keeping with the client’s request for a building that offers immense privacy, the ASWA architects had to get creative. Natural light illuminates the gallery via a large central skylight and strategic smaller windows and internal paneling. To continue the minimalist design, ASWA incorporated very few internal columns and left the main area open, giving free-flowing access to the various connected rooms. A sculptural floating stairwell made from steel with exposed wood steps takes centre stage, gracefully ushering visitors to the second floor.

Concrete box studio

The architects added floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground level to invite light into the centre of the building, while the recessed façade of the building ensures that the artist’s privacy is preserved. The combination of large steel-framed glass panels, wood and poured concrete in one space creates a ‘raw architectural complexion’. “The imperfect concrete form-tile created the unique characteristic of this private gallery, along with the steel, wood and glass. The purity of materials tend to remind people of craftwork,” says the studio.

Concrete box studio

The staggered and irregular positioning of the offset square windows brings light into the connecting rooms. The design of the windows creates an interesting light display, allowing visitors to stand in the centre of the building and watch the effects the changing light has on the concrete walls, creating a ‘living artwork’ that has become an attraction all on its own.


Images courtesy of ArchitecturalStudio of Work – Aholic.


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