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An astounding new packaging design for cosmetics reveals concrete’s versatility…


They say dynamite comes in small packages, and this adage definitely holds in the case of these astonishing cosmetic bottles from local company Wild Olive African Artisans.

These designs explode into our consciousness, thanks to the exquisite tension between the conventional idea of a perfume bottle as something delicate and fragile and the equally conventional notion of concrete as being heavy, solid and rather indelicate. The bottles are both hard and soft, at the same time…


What’s more, the shape of these bottles is perfectly on point, too. Trading in a contemporary and fashionable fascination for all things geometric, the bottles have a trendy, crystalline shape that plays with our perceptions seeing as concrete is mixed and then moulded into the form rather than naturally occurring that way.

The end result makes you sit up and take notice, and for cosmetics company Wild Olive, this is, of course, the intended outcome. Wild Olive has successfully managed to cut through the packaging clutter in the cosmetics industry with a fresh, new approach to product presentation.

Renowned in both South Africa and internationally, Wild Olive African Artisans is known for a sumptuous array of natural skincare products as well as a commitment to working exclusively with African artists and artisans. Products are painstakingly developed with only the highest quality ingredients used to create a truly memorable product experience. This attention to detail as well as Creative Director Marioara de la Tara’s continuous search for innovation in terms of packaging design led to the design of new bottles for a premium natural parfum extract for the bath. Marioara worked with South African design team 20Eight Design on the new 100ml bath oil bottle.

The founding partners of 20Eight Design, Handre de la Rey and Inge de Beer, both have a background in architecture, so their appetite for unusual concrete forms is not all that surprising. In their work, they explore the materials and objects used in the construction industry and how to manipulate the material properties to push their application to new limits. Hence, the rather unusual bottle for Wild Olive.

Using concrete as a means of expressing the philosophy behind Wild Olive, the design effortlessly fuses an organic shape with strength and a modern aesthetic sensibility. A beautiful addition to any bathroom shelf!

If you’d like to find out more about 20 Eight Design, you can read up about their work on the PPC Imaginarium's Journal or visit their website at To learn more about Wild Olive see

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