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A real testament to the longevity of concrete, artist Manfred Laber is working on a Time Pyramid that will only reach completion in 1 200 years time!


In 1993, on the 1 200th anniversary of the founding of the German municipal district of Wemding, artist Manfred Laber decided to commemorate the event by initiating a work of art that would take another 1 200 years to complete. His intention was to create an expression of the length of time.

Laber’s Time Pyramid is a testament to the longevity of concrete. Buildings that are hundreds of years old still stand today, and the artist anticipates that his installation will last another thousand years. The Time Pyramid is composed of blocks of concrete with one being added every decade. The blocks measure 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m and will be separated by a 0.6m gap. The mammoth project is funded primarily through donations from local corporations, with some even sponsoring whole slabs. The impressive Time Pyramid will only be completed in the year 3183, as the last block is placed, finally cementing its shape and significance. As of today, only three of the 120 blocks have been placed with the last added in 2013.

The Time Pyramid will adapt and change as the world evolves and new technologies become available. These evolutions will leave their mark on the artwork, etched into surface by pollution, or via biological growth on existing blocks. The work may even showcase how the cement industry itself has adapted and changed over time with each new addition. When keeping in mind that concrete has outstanding longevity, the idea of creating art or designing with this medium becomes all the more exciting.

If you’re thinking of entering the PPC Imaginarium then why not consider the dimension of time as an aspect of your own work? And who knows, you may end up inspiring us all for centuries to come…




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