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When starting to use any new medium, there will always be a period of trial and error. In this edition of Concrete for Beginners, we’ve put together a list of telltale signs that you are on the right (or wrong) track!


Love art and want to enter the PPC Imaginarium Awards, but you’re not sure where to begin? We’ve created Concrete for Beginners, a blog series filled with bite-sized advice about the basics of working with cement and cement-related products. Follow our updates and you’ll be able to start expressing your creativity with concrete in no time.

How to Tell When Your Mix Is Too Wet

When casting, your mix needs to be the right consistency. If your mix looks like soup, it is too wet. You can rectify this by adding more dry mix to the wet mix until it reaches the desired consistency.

How to Tell If Your Mix Is Too Dry

If your mix is crumbly, it is too dry. This can be easily rectified by adding more water/admixture. Add more liquid slowly and in small quantities, mixing regularly until the right consistency is reached.

Always remember that it is easier to add more water than it is to remove it. Having to add more and more dry mix to a mix that is too wet will leave you with an excess of concrete, which will just go to waste.


Concrete is a sensitive material that expands and contracts along with changing moisture and temperature conditions. A side effect of this is that concrete often cracks.

Here are some factors that will result in cracking:

• Too much water. • Too little aggregate. • Inadequate curing. • Severe temperatures. • If the element is too thick.

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