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With any craft, using the right tools is an important part of the process. In this edition of Concrete for Beginners, we’ll show you the best tools to use when working with concrete.


Love art and want to enter the PPC Imaginarium Awards, but you’re not sure where to begin? We’ve created Concrete for Beginners, a blog series filled with bite-sized advice about the basics of working with cement and cement-related products. Follow our updates and you’ll be able to start expressing your creativity with concrete in no time.


Mixing Tools

When it comes to mixing concrete, all the tools you need can be found around the house.

For Small-scale Projects

When working on smaller projects, old ice-cream and 1 litre yogurt containers work perfectly. As for mixing tools, you can use an old spatula, spoon or hardwood sticks.

For Medium-sized Projects

For medium-sized projects, mix your concrete in a plastic bucket, using a small trowel or putty knife. You can also use drywall tools, such as a joint knife.

For Big Projects

Some projects require large quantities of concrete. In these cases, mix your concrete in a wheelbarrow with a garden spade.

Application Tools

Some mixing tools can double up as application tools, such as spatulas and trowels. Sometimes, you will need to fill areas with concrete. Strong rubber gloves are really useful when pushing concrete in harder to reach spaces, or when working with steel mesh. When applying smaller quantities of cement, or smoothing areas, thin vinyl or latex gloves work perfectly.

Carving Tools

Before the concrete has set, it can be modeled using any metal, wood or plastic tools suitable for clay. You can also use everyday objects, such as spoons, knives, wire brushes and coarse sandpaper with block. Have a spray bottle handy to dampen the concrete if necessary. Other useful tools include coarse files, small hacksaw blades and chisels. Once the concrete has hardened, you will need to use more hardy tools for carving. After 48 hours, stone carving tools can be used. You can also use different grit sizes of sandpaper can be used for grinding down or smoothing the surface.

Download Our Tool Guide

Are you about to get going on your first concrete creation? Download and print our Tool Guide (PDF). Use it as a shopping list, or keep it close to hand when you start on your project.

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