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Rhiannon Palmer's delicate jewellery collection, Cosmos, perfectly showcases concrete’s tactile beauty.


Rhiannon Palmer’s love affair with concrete began with boredom! As a design student at Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK, the young maker was looking for more interesting alternatives to working with ceramics and glass for her fine art sculptures. She attended a one-day workshop with a lecturer who introduced her to the world of working with concrete, and she has never looked back. She started casting sculptures in concrete and fell in love with the medium. She soon began to experiment, exploring the possibilities of working with the material at a much smaller scale.

Today, she specialises in crafting beautifully simple, delicate pieces of jewellery that are hand cast from concrete, with the intention of showing off the material’s tactile beauty.

Rhiannon created Primary, her first collection of rings, necklaces, cufflinks, pendants and earrings that feature concrete in its bare form, combined with silver and brass. Later, drawing on her love of astronomy and physics, she created Cosmos, a collection of jewellery comprising dyed concrete and other materials such as sterling silver, brass and waxed cotton.

Despite concrete’s reputation as a solid, tough material, it can be playfully delicate, showing its vulnerabilities. The pieces in Rhiannon’s collections are all handmade, resulting in unique pieces that are surprisingly lightweight but uniformly lovely.

Rhiannon, who is based in London and sells her jewellery online, declares that her mission is to “spread the love of concrete worldwide!” Who are we to argue?

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