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An architectural map of the iconic city pays tribute to New York’s concrete treasures.


We’re guessing that when you think of New York City architecture, two particular images will pop into your head: one is of the Empire State Building, the other is the Chrysler Building. But the Big Apple has a great deal more than skyscrapers in its architectural repertoire, as London-based publishing company Blue Crow Media has highlighted.

In its Concrete New York Map, the tenth in a series of architectural guides for various cities, Blue Crow Media draws attention to over 50 buildings and centres in New York City that are made primarily out of concrete.From Staten Island to the Bronx, the two-sided guide includes a map, photos and details of the buildings.

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Examples include the Met Breuer (formerly the Whitney Museum), an annex of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the world-class Solomon R Guggenheim Museum; and the Adventure Playground on West 67th Street. These, and other buildings in a variety of sectors, are all given substantial exposure as architectural triumphs on the Concrete New York Map.

Blue Crow Media has published a variety of maps showcasing concrete architecture in cities around the world. There are maps of London, Paris, Sydney, Washington and Boston, all focused specifically on Brutalism, a style of architecture developed in the mid-twentieth century, signified by imposing, fortress-like structures made out of raw, exposed concrete. There’s also a map of examples of concrete architecture in Tokyo.

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Of course, these cities would not be the buzzing metropoles they are today without the incorporation of concrete into their infrastructures. The buildings shown in Blue Crow Media’s series of maps only partly reflect the efforts of countless architects and builders who have helped create vast hubs of industrial, commercial and cultural brilliance.


Photography: Jason Woods

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