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Concrete and the environment

Tips for using concrete in an environmentally friendly manner


Everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment and being as responsible as possible. Although concrete is durable, retains heat extremely well and when made in the correct manner, prevents the unnecessary wastage of valuable resources, it’s still important to do your bit - even when working with this material. Here’s how to ensure that you respect the environment when working with concrete:

Be precise

The instructions on each bag of cement are pretty useful and help guide you to ensure you’re making the right mix of cement for your project. Make sure to use the recommended proportions of the required components stated on the bag when making concrete. This will prevent you from making an incorrect batch, resulting in waste.

Only make what you need

It’s very important that the measurements for your project are correct. This ensures that you make the exact amount of concrete you need.

Keep it energy efficient

In cases where projects require the use of energy, make sure that it is built to use energy more efficiently. For example, if you’re building a house, design one that makes use of natural light and requires less energy to keep it warm in winter.

Reduce and recycle

Use the right amount of water and do not waste water when cleaning. Make sure you dispose of your cement packaging bags in a responsible manner and recycle building rubble where possible.

Reuse old concrete

Scout around for concrete that has been thrown away and find new ways to use it in other projects. For example, crushed bits of concrete can be used as granular fill, as a base course for a new patio, or as aggregate in new concrete. 

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