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Collection dates

Find out where and when to collect the 2017 finalists’ artworks


With our travelling exhibition coming to end, we would like to congratulate our finalists on their superb achievements and thank all our visitors for attending our nationwide exhibitions and events. Below is the list of dates and venues where our finalists need to collect their work. Please note that it is imperative that all work be collected on the specific date listed below. The galleries and the PPC Imaginarium Awards will not be held responsible for loss or damage to your work should you fail to collect it.


Cape Town

Venue: AVA Gallery

Date: Tuesday, 14 November

Time: 9h00-16h00



Venue: KZNSA Gallery

Date: Tuesday, 21 November

Time: In the afternoon

Date: Tuesday, 21 November

Time: 9h00-16h00


Port Elizabeth

Venue: ARTEC Gallery

Date: Saturday, 18 November

Time: 9h00-13h00

Date: Monday, 20 November

Time: 9h00-16h00



Venue: UJ Art Gallery, Kingsway Campus

Date: Monday 27, November – Wednesday, 29 November

Time: 9h00-15h00



Venue: Pretoria Arts Association

Date: Friday, 17 November

Time: 10h00-14h00



Venue: Oliewenhuis

Date: Friday, 17 November

Time: 9h00-16h00


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