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CHRYSO sponsors admixtures for Zim workshops


Chemical specialists CHRYSO Southern Africa will be sponsoring a range of admixtures for the upcoming 2019 PPC Imaginarium workshops in Zimbabwe. This will be a series of free workshops that will be held between 15 and 25 January 2019 and will take place in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare under the auspices of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Admixtures can be used as an extra ingredient when mixing concrete in order to modify the concrete’s properties for better workability results. With a steady focus on research and innovation, CHRYSO has developed several admixtures that bring various benefits to the concrete making process, depending on what you would like to achieve. In addition to being used for functional purposes, admixtures can also bring a decorative element to your concrete creation.

During the January workshops, entrants will have access to the following sponsored admixtures from CHRYSO:

CHRYSO Premia 100: a superplasticiser which guarantees high short-term strength and allows for exceptional fluidity, which is helpful to the process of laying concrete.

CHRYSO A639: a calcium chloride accelerator which gives concrete early age strength and allows it to harden quicker.

CHRYSO Fibrin XT 6mm: a monofilament polypropylene fibre that reduces the occurrence of both plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking, which also enhances the concrete’s durability and surface properties.  

CHRYSO Colors: iron oxide pigments used to colour concrete, available in the shades Red, Terracotta, Black, Jet Black, Brown, Sandstone, Tile Red, Yellow, Orange and Tan.

In addition to the above sponsored products, CHRYSO have drawn up a list of other admixture products they recommend PPC Imaginarium entrants consider for their creations:

CHRYSO Cim 40: a bonding agent used to increase cohesion and adherence, which can be used as a sealant.

CHRYSO Lumnintech: an admixture that can provide concrete with a decorative element, made with luminescent particles that glow in the dark.

CHRYSO Deco Lav N: a surface retarder that allows for an exposed aggregate finish.

CHRYSO Dem Oleo RL: a release agent for rubber and latex moulds that provides an ‘off shutter’ finish, which gives the concrete a raw, bare aesthetic.

You can find the additives recommended by CHRYSO throughout both South Africa and Africa. For a list of all branches and distributors, simply visit their website:

In addition to the CHRYSO products, workshop participants in Zimbabwe will also receive an allocation of free cement so that they can complete their entries.


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