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Missed our recent practical workshop in collaboration with Cemcrete? Don't fret - we’ve produced a handy online guide to help you catch up!


On the 28th of November 2015, PPC Imaginarium and Cemcrete co-hosted a free “demo day” at the Cemcrete Showroom in Parktown North, Johannesburg. Cemcrete is known as the cement innovation company and the purpose of the workshop was to introduce PPC Imaginarium entrants to the possibilities of creating with Cemcrete’s ready-mix products, as well as offer individual advice to PPC Imaginarium entrants. A free sample kit was included as part of the demonstration. The workshop, which was fully booked, also received a lot of requests for repeat workshops from entrants in other parts of the country. The Cemcrete team loves the idea of collaborating further, so watch this space!


But in the interim, we thought we’d produce this handy guide for those of you who couldn’t make it to the Gauteng event. We asked Cemcrete’s Archi-Design Specifying Consultant, Jean-Marie Griezel, to give us the lowdown on the products that were featured, and how to use them: TexCrete Texcrete is used for the moulding of lightweight small and large intricate castings where fine surface definition is required. It’s also available in light-weight form for easier handling, instating and transporting. It is thixotrophic quick setting, enhanced fibre-cement blend, mixed with a solution of FlexBond for the saturation and impregnation of CemForce to form a reinforced product that can be cast into latex or silicone moulds. Produces castings of about 4 to 8mm in thickness.


SculptCrete is an extremely easy to work with cement mixture that allows the sculptor to create unique pieces. It contains no hazardous materials and is suitable for interior and exterior use. Has superior workability and provides a smooth, weather resistant finish that can be carved into when biscuit dry hard. Will allow very fine detailed carving.

Mould rubber plaster A synthetic latex rubber for detailed reproduction of objects of virtually any fine texture. The Mould rubber will be applied in a few coats onto the object letting it dry in between each coat. To reinforce your mould you can use Cemforce (woven mesh) to create a strong final mould.


CreteStain is a permanent concrete stain that can be applied in a variety of ways to create either solid colours or colour variations. It is an acid based mixture containing special chemicals which combine with the cement or concrete and colour the surface, creating a wash effect.


Colourcem can be used to create coloured plaster that can be used for unlimited projects, providing rich textures. It is a milled blend of white or grey Portland cement and selected compatible pigments. For more info on Cemcrete’s range, visit

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