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Up-and-coming concrete designer CEK turns his sculptures into functional art pieces


The Interior Design Show Toronto (IDS) is an annual design fair which showcases some truly spectacular products and avant-garde concepts from designers and artists from around the world. The fair, now in its 20th year, promotes rising design talents and attracts keynote speakers of international acclaim. As a result it’s become a key design event for established and emerging design.

PPC Imaginarium Concrete Sculpture Bright Idea

One of the highlights from the 2017 show was a display of sculptural light works created by concrete specialist designer, CEK. CEK’s designs incorporated bulbs within cast concrete faces or hands to create unconventional interpretations of the human form.

CEK is an Italian expat and graduate from the University of Udine in Italy, who moved to Toronto in 2011 to pursue a career in architecture. Specialising in concrete design, he combines product design and sculpture into a dynamic, personal form of expression.

At IDS 2017, the designer exhibited three lamps: Eureka, which features a bulb breaking free from a head; FEL_LIGHT_TIO, a sleeping head with a bulb emerging from the mouth; and La Mano De Dios, which sees a bulb being held in the palm of a hand. This collection was exhibited in a booth that had walls decorated with a reimagined version of American artist Sol Lewitt’s ‘Wall Drawing 51’. Lewitt was linked to various movements, including Conceptual Art and Minimalism.

PPC Imaginarium Concrete sculpture Bright Idea

In an interview with photographer Jodianne Beckford, CEK said: “I love minimalism and geometric abstraction. A couple of years ago I decided to use concrete as my main medium. This material gives me the freedom to experiment in many different ways.”

For last two years, CEK has been exploring his love for concrete through a series of functional sculptures, which are inspired by the Minimalist Movement and individually designed, molded and cast in place by him.

Images courtesy of CEK

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