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Book a room in a tube

One hotel owner has turned his ‘pipe’ dream into a reality.


Staying in a giant concrete drainage tube is not everyone’s idea of a holiday, but the unusual design of these eco-friendly pipes are driving in tourists from all around the world to the scenic village of Tepozltan in Mexico, thanks to its unique novelty design. The TuboHotel opened its doors in 2010 and was designed by architects from T3arc. It boasts 20 cozy rooms that are furnished with a queen-sized bed, a basic storage compartment below the bed, bedding, WIFI access and beautiful panoramic views of the hotel’s location. Some rooms have been grouped together in threes and stacked in a pyramid shape for guests that would like to stay close together, with a few single-standing rooms on offer as well. Surrounding the tubes is a communal space with picnic tables, a pool and barbecue areas where guest can mingle with each other. The toilets and showers are also communal and housed separately.

Taking inspiration from a similar project

Dasparkhotel was the first sewage pipe hotel to be built in Austria in 2004 and features similar design elements. In an interview with ArchDaily, the architects from T3arc elaborated on their design brief and how the design for the hotel came about: ‘The goal was to have the ability to build a fast and affordable hotel that offered lodging for Tepoztlan tourist. In our search for solutions, we found Dasparkhotel, the work of architect Andreas Strauss, using recycled concrete pipes for hotel rooms. Our client decided to make a hotel with the same characteristics as the Dasparkhotel on a ground that is located on the outskirts of Tepoztlan, with excellent panoramic views of the Sierra del Tepozteco.’

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Robb Anderson, the owner of the TuboHotel said he stumbled upon the pipes by chance. 'The tubes were just lying there, so one day we asked if we could use them, they said yes so we decided to make a hotel,’ he said. 'Our market is more the traveller and hostel style, but we have all sorts of people coming here because it is so unusual.’

While concrete may not be the most inviting material to spend night away from home in, it seems to be working for the TuboHotel and it certainly adds a new meaning to a holiday gone down the tubes.

Source: Daily Mail



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