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Hailing from Ganysa, a small village in the North West province, Bokang Lehabe has come a long way since winning the PPC Imaginarium Awards’ Fashion category earlier this year.


Bokang Lehabe, winner of the PPC Imaginarium Awards’ Fashion category in 2015, realised his passion for fashion relatively late in life.

Bokang Lehabe Fashion

It was only as a Grade 10 pupil in Ganysa that he knew he wanted to pursue a creative career. The realisation set in when he was approached to design the jackets for his school’s matric class. Two years later, once he himself had matriculated, Lehabe moved to Cape Town to further explore his creativity. He studied marketing at the Boston Business College before obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Fashion last year.


Lehabe knew the importance of immersing himself in the industry early on, which is why he began interning and entering competitions while still in college. During his second year, he entered and won ‘Most Elegant Couple’ for his design at the J&B Met and was featured on Top Billing. This first victory inspired him to enter another competition - the PPC Imaginarium Awards - the following year. He won this too, and had his winning collection featured on the Expresso Show and online magazine, Peter.


Bokang Lehabe has found different sources of inspiration at different times. However, travel is has always been a consistent source of ideas throughout his life. “Growing up, my mother would bring back foreign items from her overseas travels,” Lehabe tells us. This gave him a keen eye for multi-national aesthetics, which are visible in a number of his designs. It also gave him hope that, one day, his designs would also make it to far corners of the world.

His advice to other young creatives looking to make their mark? “It’s never going to be easy, but believe in your art and that will be the driving force.”

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