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Block & Chisel Goes Concrete

Décor shop Block & Chisel launches extraordinary range of concrete furniture.


Although best known for its classic décor style, South African décor and homeware store Block & Chisel has moved towards a more contemporary offering with a recently launched range of concrete furniture.

According to Block & Chisel’s Sales and Brand Executive Manager Zane Pretorius, the store is always looking for ways to diversify its offering and the team there has been observing the cement trend for some time. Pretorius describes the vogue for concrete as a movement derived from the “form follows function” era.

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Pretorius attributes the increasing acceptance of cement as an interior finish to the rawness and naturalness - despite it being man-made - of its aesthetic. He believes the look ties in well with global trends, such as the move towards connecting with nature and the ever-growing emphasis on sustainability.

Block & Chisel’s new concrete pieces are made up of “composites”; a blend of cement, clay and acrylic mix. This allows the furniture range to be lighter than typical solid cement designs and easier to handle and move around.

Cement furniture pieces can be incorporated into homes with classic décor surprisingly easily. In turn, décor that is more classic in style can bring balance to a room with existing concrete pieces, as it may soften the harshness of the concrete aesthetic.

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However, cement furniture needn’t be all brutalist. Mould designs can be used to create cement furniture with a sophisticated air. According to Pretorius, “mould design is important as not only is cement on trend, but specific shapes tend to come across as trendier. Go for geometric shapes and simple patterns for your furniture pieces. A simple lip on a table, or a smooth side to an interesting oval shaped stool is all the complexity necessary.” 

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 To learn more about Block & Chisel’s concrete furniture range, browse the collection online:

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