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Concrete, wrought iron and leather are being used for footwear that has the ability to influence the user's state of mind!


Irish designer, Sandra Plantos created “Presence” as her graduate collection after completing her Masters in Fashion Footwear at the London College of Fashion. Her sculptural shoes draw clear inspiration from her background in architecture. She graduated with a Masters in Architecture at University College Dublin in 2013 before being awarded the Fashion Matters Scholarship in 2014.



The “Presence” collection uses concrete as a way to slow and almost restrict the movements of the wearer, essentially making the footwear “immovable” and thus making us more aware of the here and now. The direct result of moving slowly acts to decelerate thoughts and in turn allows the user to be transported to a more simple, less burdened frame of mind.

In the use of this heavy, unrefined, naturally weathering material, the collection restricts the wearer’s movements, slowing down the pace of daily life, and thus our experience of time itself.

The application of concrete to footwear makes direct reference to the make-up of the urban fabric. Therefore, the objects may be seen as miniature structures, which create spaces for the feet to inhabit. Furthermore, the artefacts connect with, and are specifically crafted, in response to the language of the human body - using the designer’s own footprint as subject of the work.

“On a deeper level, the forms address the innate human ability of imagination, seeking to capture that moment of interaction between imagination, perception and memory,” says Plantos.


The designer was the winner of The Cordwainers’ Dato Jimmy Choo Award in 2015. Check out the video of her unusual, striking footwear.

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