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The jagged meeting point of these two contrasting substances celebrate the fusion of soft and hard


Tell us about your journey as a creative person. Where did it all start? What did you study? What were your career highlights along the way?

After high school I studied Presentation and Communication Techniques, after graduation I went to the Art Academy. Initially still searching what direction I wanted to study; because I find many disciplines very interesting (still). After some wandering I chose Spatial Design, with specialty in Furniture Design. The year after I graduated, I won the first prize in a design competition. That gave me a huge boost to start working as an independent designer. I decided to share a studio with an old classmate, as a result of that we finally worked together as an interior-design duo. But product design was still most close to my heart, so after a few years I decided to follow my heart and fully devote myself on product design.

Nest Concrete and Rubber

For me it was definitely a highlight to make that decision.

And at this moment I would also like to call my concrete series a highlight. By experimenting with concrete and silicone rubber, a series of various lamps emerged. The jagged meeting point of these two contrasting substances celebrate the fusion of soft and hard. Through this combination of unconventional materials, the lamps emit a warm light that juxtaposes the series’ industrial appearance. The series consists of several models of pendant lights, a series of floor lamps and a wall lamp. Meanwhile, my lamps are find all over the world, and that's really a dream come true!

Renate Vos at Work

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration during the process; I am mostly inspired by particular materials or techniques that I'm curious about. By experimenting with different materials and/or techniques (which are unknown to me) possibilities, forms or opportunities arise which I previously never could have imagined or conceived. These experiments are therefore often the base or inspiration for my final design.

Concrete Floor Lamp

It’s often said that creative people are full of blatant contradictions. Do you notice any contradictions within yourself? E.g. Both hardworking and lazy, introverted and extroverted etc.

Yes, definitely; I can be introvert and extrovert almost at the same time!

And I know exactly what I want, but I often find it very difficult to be businesslike.

Concrete Wall Lamp

What was your first experience with concrete as a creative medium?

That was during my study at the Art Academy. I followed Materials Research class; you had to experiment with different materials… I choose concrete and fell in love immediately.

What advice would you offer to artists/designers working with concrete for the first time?

Start unconventional; let yourself be guided through the process; just try. And by failures you discover new things.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists/designers looking to make their mark in creative fields?

Just don’t give up; follow your dreams!

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