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A multi-functional space, where the pool can become a skate park or act as an amphitheater.


In attempt to conserve the architecture style for the typical Karoo town, the site identified to introduce contemporary architectural piece of work that will appreciate and embrace Karoo landscape and its surroundings.

Ayanda Nstingana - Imaginarium Sketch

Laingsburg public pool precinct

The challenge was to design a public pool precinct in a semi-desert area in the small town of Laingsburg in the Western Cape.

Many travellers to and from Cape Town stop in Laingsburg but there is not much to do there, and this was an opportunity to provide better facilities for the residents and travellers.

Ayanda Nstingana - Rendering 5

The main attraction at present is the large impersonal filling station and there is a need for a place where people can take a break and see what the town has to offer. The public pool precinct would be a place to cool off, rest in a shady space and for children to play.

The site fairly flat and sits at the corner of Voortrekker Road and Swartburg Road in the typical small town grid. The idea was to create a place of community identity where lots of activities can be performed. In summer the precinct would act as a public swimming pool and in winter the water could be drained out to become a skate boarding platform and an amphitheatre for community gathering.

Ayanda Nstingana - Rendering 8

In attempt to conserve the scale of the typical Karoo town, I decided to introduce a contemporary architectural piece that would embrace the surrounding landscape. My approach was to place the buildings along two edges of the site, lifting the building on Voortrekker Road allowing a glimpse into the ‘oasis’ and opening up the precinct visually on Swartburg Road to invite people into the activities.

The fluidity of concrete enabled me to create a stepped and folded landscape seamlessly combining floor, walls and roof with strategically placed trees for shade surrounding a precious and cooling waterhole.

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