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2019 Film Finalists Announced

Stefanus Nel and Nirma Madhoo to bring concepts to screen.


For the 2018/2019 round of the PPC Imaginarium Awards, all Film Category entrants were required to not only conceptualise a film idea investigating the role that concrete plays in our environments, but to pitch this idea to a panel of judges while proving their production and technical capabilities.

The Awards set out to elect only two Film Category Finalists, who would then be commissioned to produce their short film entries, with each receiving a budget in order to bring the film concept to life. Nirma Madhoo and Stefanus Nel have been chosen to receive R65 000 each to produce their short films.

Madhoo has proposed a virtual reality short film concept, Azimuth. Azimuth will be an exploration of concrete in the Brutalist style. The short film will have a heavy focus on art direction as opposed to being narrative-based and will “present the elemental states of concrete as visual metaphors.” Viewers of Azimuthcan expect to see landmarks of Brutalist architecture represented in a new, morphed, angular light.

Nel proposed Walls, a “doodle-bombing” short film that will feature illustrations superimposed upon real-life imagery. The narrative centres on urban and natural spaces that are separated by concrete walls, and a little bird who flies between them.Viewers can expect to see images of urban walls that are simultaneously illustrated and photographed, city pigeons and dark forests – all of which provided Nel with inspiration for this narrative-driven story.

Nel and Madhoo have both offered unique interpretations of the Film Category’s brief, with pitches that promise innovative visual explorations of concrete. They will need to complete the production phase and submit the final versions of their short films between 29 March and 5 April 2019. Only one filmmaker will be named the Category Winner and receive a R50 000 cash prize. We wish both all the best!

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