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Calvin Copeling is a young photographer residing in Johannesburg with a passion for inner-city adventure. Read more about his work, and how he caught the attention of the PPC Imaginarium judges.


Through his submission, photographer Calvin Copeling documented the overlooked and undervalued architecture of inner-city Johannesburg. The PPC Imaginarium finalist set himself the task of looking past the decay to find something beautiful. Rather than focusing on glamorous, gentrified, sterile parts of the city, he looked to the forgotten buildings and streets.

Challenging the Viewer

Challenging the Viewer

Calvin challenges the viewer to look past the dirt and grime to beauty at the heart of a thriving city. Calvin focuses on the inner city’s use of concrete, how it ages over time, becoming a backdrop to the city’s history and transformation.

His Process

Photography is only one part of Calvin’s project. Using formwork, Calvin cast concrete slabs, onto which the photographs were litho printed.

His final collection is a celebration of concrete, the city and how the two live and work together.

Follow Calvin’s inner-city adventures, through his Instagram account, where he regularly posts pictures of Johannesburg’s buildings and structures.

Feeling Inspired?

Like Calvin, do you have an eye for finding beauty in unusual places? Enter the PPC Imaginarium today and share your ideas with us.

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