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Taking inspiration from Paolo Coelho’s best-selling novel, ‘The Alchemist’, 2014 Imaginarium fashion finalist Robyn Keyser created a collection that celebrates the seemingly impossible.


Alchemy is the medieval practice of attempting to turn metals into gold. It was thought to require a mix of science and magic-transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. By combining the rigidity of concrete and the fluidity of chiffon and silk, Robyn aims to explore the idea of magic in the present day.

Painting with Concrete

Investigating the Unconventional

Using unconventional materials is not a new concept for Robyn. Having previously worked with wood, moss and wire, the opportunity to work with cement posed and interesting and exciting challenge for her.

Painting with Concrete

By mixing a thin cement solution, Robyn was able to paint her garments, giving them a unique, texturised finish. Using a range of white and grey tones, Robyn’s final collection is a magical combination of unusual textures and shapes.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Like Robyn, do you enjoy using everyday materials in unusual ways? Enter the 2015 PPC Imaginarium today and share your creative vision with us.

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