The winner of the Industrial Design will receive a R50 000 cash prize and be eligible for the R100 000 grand prize and runners-up will receive a R15 000 award. Finalists are guaranteed an exhibit of their work and online profiling of them and their projects.


Submit a concept and prototype of a product or collection that demonstrates an innovative industrial design concept, using Portland cement-based concrete as the primary source material. The idea should show benefit to user, must be reliable and usable and should be structurally sound.

  • Portland cement-based concrete must be used as the main medium of the entry, both conceptually and visually. It may be combined with any other secondary media (i.e. wood, bronze, glass, electronics, etc.).
  • Found concrete objects, pre-existing concrete forms, or commercially produced concrete items may not be used.
  • Cement painted objects will not be allowed.


All work entered into this category must be produced by:

  • Students in their final year of BAS, B.Tech or the equivalent at recognised universities in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • Designers who have had more than one solo exhibition for non-academic purposes, or who run a professional studio, are not eligible for entry.




  • Online application should include a 250-word concept statement that expresses what the product does and what socio-economic problem it addresses or elevates, technical specs, reference images of the design and concept, a storyboard of how the entry realistically functions or a short video (for instance a 360° view of the entry).
  • The final physical product must be accompanied by a printed copy of your online entry profile (the conceptual statement, technical statement, and reference images).
  • The work/entry must not be older than one year, and must not have been entered into any other competitions, offered for sale, or publicly displayed.
  • Entries must be the artist's original work and must not have been introduced to mass production prior to this competition. Post competition, participants may go on to reproduce their works as they see fit.
  • Electronic devices that are not in good and working condition will be removed from the exhibition.
  • The total weight of the entry may not exceed 100kg and must not exceed 150cm in length and height.
  • An entry hanging from the roof may not weigh more than 10kg. Should an entry hanging from the roof be comprised of several pieces, the weight per piece is 10kg and the total weight may not exceed 100kg.
  • The entry must stand firm.
  • An entry comprising several parts must be accompanied by simple assembly and disassembly instructions. It’s strongly recommended to assemble the entry themselves. If this is not possible, the participant must be contactable for advice.
  • The entry must be of such a nature that it can be easily packaged, transported, and exhibited
  • The selection panel and/or organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry which is difficult to transport, install or handle.
  • A delicate entry must be clearly marked as fragile. It is strongly recommended that the participant packs and installs a fragile entry him or herself.
  • An entry that arrives obviously damaged, despite the reason, will be disqualified.
  • No drilling into the walls of exhibition venue will be allowed.
  • If a submission makes it to the national round, we advise that you personally repackage your piece for transportation to the national judging facilities.
  • The entry must be for sale and can only be purchased after PPC has exercised its option to purchase.
  • Nationally selected entries must be available for exhibition for at least one year.


The judges are looking for entries that demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, a balance between technical excellence and commercial appreciation, and fulfil a benefit for the end consumer. The names of the members of the panel will be announced upon confirmation. Regional judging takes place and finalists are chosen, these finalists will be judged by a national panel It is in the sole and final discretion of the organisers/judges to cancel any entry on the grounds of illegality infringement of any third party rights, or a transgression of the constitutional right of freedom of expression. post-competition, participants may go on to reproduce their works as they see fit. Please note that the judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into

Cities & Venues

Cape Town - AVA GalleryDurban - KZNSA
Submission: 1 March 2018
Selection: 2 March 2018
Pop-up exhibition: 1 March 2018
Strike & collect works: 9 March 2018
Submission: 2 March 2018
Selection: 5 March 2018
Pop-up exhibition: 5 March 2018
Strike & collect works: 9 March 2018
Port Elizabeth - ARTECPretoria - Association of Arts
Submission: 5 March 2018
Selection: 6 March 2018
Pop-up exhibition: 6 March 2018
Strike & collect works: 9 March 2018
Submission: 7 March 2018
Selection: 8 March 2018
Collect works: 13 March 2018
Bloemfontein - Oliewenhuis Art MuseumJohannesburg - UJ Art Gallery
Submission: 8 March 2018
Selection: 9 March 2018
Collect works: 12 March 2018
Submission: 12 March 2018
Selection: 13 March 2018
Collect works: 14 March 2018




South Africa: submit by Friday, 1 December 2017

Zimbabwe: submit by Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Thursday, 18 May 2017 -  Sunday, 18 February 2018


Friday, 1 December 2017 – Sunday, 18 February 2018


Thursday, 1 March 2018 - Monday, 12 March 2018


Friday, 2 March 2018 - Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Openings on 1, 5 & 6 March 2018

COLLECT WORKS (Non-Qualifiers)

Friday, 9 March 2018 - Wednesday, 14 March 2018


April 2018


April 2018