The winner of each category will receive a cash prize of R50 000, with runners-up walking away with R15 000. On top of this, category winners will then be entered into the auspicious gala exhibition, and stand the chance to be named the PPC Imaginarium Champion - a title that comes with a R100 000 grand prize.

The Film category works a little differently. Aspiring filmmakers must submit a proposal for a film to a panel of judges. Based on their submissions, a group of Film category finalists will be chosen, with each receiving a R35 000 budget to produce their film. A winner will then be chosen, receive their R50 000 cash prize, and be entered into the gala exhibition alongside the 5 other category finalists.


As well as the cash prizes, entrants can expect to receive the kind of exposure a creative needs to launch their career. Throughout the competition, both entrants and their work will be profiled on a host of media platforms, such as magazines, radio, TV, blogs (such as Between 10 and 5 ), and social media.


Finalists will also have their work shown at a number of auspicious galleries and exhibitions, such as:

Cape Town

Art Africa Fair - 24th February 2017 – 5th March 2017

AVA Gallery Exhibition  - 26th June 2017 – 14th July 2017

Open Design Festival - 14th August 2017 – 24th August 2017


UJ Gallery Exhibition - 18th May 2017 – 18th June 2017

Turbine Hall Art Fair Exhibition - 13th July 2017 – 16th July 2017

100% Design South Africa Exhibition - 9th August 2017 – 13th August 2017


Nirox Workshops - July 2017


KZNSA Gallery Exhibition - 26th September 2017 - 15th October 2017


The PPC Imaginarium Awards are fortunate enough to work with some of the most influential South African creatives. All entrants will receive the unique opportunity to be mentored by these thought-leaders, providing an invaluable learning experience.